Thursday, 13 January 2011

Rick Roberts on

If you research burial records in England, and some in Scotland, you should know about

It's a site I've mentioned before as cemeteries get added. Now Rick Roberts of Global Genealogy has written a helpful free article on the site for the Global Gazette.

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Alison (Vancouver) said...

I've used the free part of the site with quite a bit of success. But I have problems with the paid part - it's still quite amateur in some ways. But their customer service people are quite good.

1. If you have any credits, be careful where you click. There's no second chance (unlike FMP's 'do you want to do this'). I did it to, I thought, have another look at an entry I paid for, but it was actually the grave map and I was charged. That can add up!

2. There's no feedback mechanism for transcription errors and it's hard to find a way to do. I sent one in and suggested they needed a link for it. They'd talked about it but didn't want people re-transcribing entries with their own thoughts. So I told them how to get around that!

3. If you want several graves from a cemetery, it can really add up and much of the information is the same. I contacted them and the guy agreed, but said it was part of their contract with Ordnance Survey. In my case, the graveyard wasn't, so we came to an arrangement.

Alison, Vancouver