Thursday, 6 January 2011

BIFHSGO January Meeting: Adding the Wonder of Historic Context

BIFHSGO member John Heney, author, journalist, and heritage advocate presents "Adding the Wonder of Historic Context: Labour for Those Who Follow, Not Only on Whom you Seek" at the first BIFHSGO meeting for 2011, on Saturday January 8.

Drawing from 40 years of genealogical research, John will emphasize the importance of focusing in your work on the future as well as the past: preserving findings, asking wider questions, putting context in your narrative, and keeping an eye on interconnection. Learn how a thoughtful presentation of historic context can transform linear genealogy into the spherical shape of history.

While the main meeting gets underway at 10am, I plan to be there in time for a 9am presentation by BIFHSGO Director of Communications, Susan Davis, who will give a shorter presentation on "Podcasting for Genealogists." 

As usual, the meeting is in the Auditorium at Library and Archives Canada.

Check for any updates.

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