Wednesday, 15 July 2009

All Ontario libraries get Ancestry Library Edition

There's good news for genealogists across Ontario. Ancestry Library Edition should now be available at ALL branches of ALL public libraries in Ontario. May 1, 2009 was the go-live date and the database is licensed for two years from that date. Read the press release.

For major libraries, such as Ottawa's, which had already negotiated access at all their branches the province-wide funding will be a saving on their budget.

For libraries which had access at a limited number of branches the Ancestry Library service should now be available at all branches.

Libraries that didn't enjoy the service should now have it in all their branches. If your's doesn't have it yet, just ask; it should be added within a month. You're paying for it through your provincial taxes after all.

This addition to the service was made possible by a one-time grant from the Ontario government. At the end of the period the use will be reviewed. It's not cheap; use it or lose it.

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