Sunday, 11 June 2006

Teachers Registrations in England and Wales

British Origins ( announce that teacher registration information, for over 100,000 people who taught in England and Wales between 1870 and 1947 , have been added to their web site. More than half of these are women.

From 1914, many teachers in England and Wales (and elsewhere) registered with the Teachers Registration Council. The original registration records for the period up to 1947 (after which registration was abandoned) were deposited with the Society of Genealogists (

Registration started in 1914, but people who were already teaching registered so records cover teachers who started their careers from the 1870s on.

The records provide the following information:
o teachers name (and for married women teachers often their maiden name as well)
o Date of Registration
o Register Number
o (Professional) Address
o Attainments
o Training in Teaching
o Experience

Members of the Society of Genealogists will be able to use their free quarterly access to the origins database to access this information.

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